Top 8 Creatine Supplements To Gain Lean Muscles

If there’s one indispensable supplement when trying to gain mass, it would be creatine. This protein-like powder or pill plays a vital role in increasing body strength and making the muscles leaner. Research about the importance of creatine showed that it can double body strength compared to exercising alone. It’s no longer a supplement hype, but a staple for all muscle gainers. The best creatine supplement to gain lean muscles can be purchased over the counter. It will add strength and endurance while staying natural to your routine.

Actually, we ingest small amounts of creatine from solid foods. But since cooking destroys most of the creatine, we only get to ingest minute amounts which aren’t enough to provide obvious effects. It’s also bioavailable in the body with very tiny amounts produced in the kidneys and liver. Still, not enough to bulk up a normal guy. This is why the gym dudes you see have those tubs of creatine monohydrates.

Creatine aids the production of energy so the body can endure intense stress and pressure. In fact, about 90% of all creatine in the body is found mostly in muscle cells. It helps in reducing water content within muscles so it will be fuller and leaner.

This supplement is purely legal and comes in powder, pills, or capsules. Here are 8 of the best options we recommend:

1. Optimum Nutrition Micronized Creatine Powder

The Optimum Nutrition brand never fails to stock up on the essentials of muscle building. Their Micronized Creatine powder is one of the best picks if you want to include the substance on your diet. This is composed of pure creatine, unflavored so it can be mixed with food. Each serving (which is one rounded tablespoon) has 5 grams of pure creatine. This amount is enough for the day as a post workout regimen to help build muscles while you’re at rest. Just the best creatine supplement to gain lean muscles.

best creatine supplement to gain lean muscles

The fact that it’s micronized means this powder can dissolve in water with less clumping. It can be made into post-workout shakes and more. Remember to take this supplement after a workout or before bedtime. Creatine works in the repair department and in relaxed muscle production. It’s the best supplement for weightlifters who are always sore after a workout. Besides, everything form ON seems to be phenomenal when it comes to mass and weight gain.

If you’re a bit skeptical, you can purchase the smallest available amount of 150 grams. You also have the option to go big with a 1,500-gram tub.

This ON supplement doesn’t have any filler and is true to its claim of being pure. It’s relatively safe to take, but if you’re under 18 or pregnant/nursing, make sure to consult a medical expert first.

2. Crazy Muscle Creatine Monohydrate Pills

If powders aren’t your thing, you can have the Crazy Muscle Creatine Monohydrate Pills instead. Each pill has three blends of creatine namely monohydrate, pyruvate, and alpha-ketoglutarate. All these contribute to the faster absorption of creatine wherein the monohydrate type composed about 96% of the supplement. But for an even faster effect, ingest the pills with fruit juice since the acid on the drink will help creatine act fast. Still, drink lots of waters to protect your liver and kidney. This could be the best creatine supplement to gain lean muscles, but it can also be taxing to the organs.

Unlike powders, these Crazy Muscle pills are heavyweight in serving. The recommended intake is three pills a day with up to 1,667 mg of creatine each. Some lifters even take eight but I don’t recommend such thing if you’re an amateur bodybuilder.

The good thing about taking creatine pills is you save time from making shakes and washing bottles. You just pop it after a workout and you’re good to go. However, take note that the creatine consistency for this one is quite powerful. If you chose the bigger dosage, you might experience the minor issue of overload.

You don’t have to cycle this supplement since the manufacturers claim that you can take it daily. Both men and women can take the same dosage without experiencing any hormonal issue. Still, those who are nursing or pregnant should ask the clearance of their doctors first.

3. MuscleTech CellTech Creatine Powder

The MuscleTech CellTech Creatine the best creatine supplement to gain lean muscles for reason. Its pure monohydrate creatine comes in three citrus flavors. Turning it into shakes will give you a refreshing post-workout sip instead of resorting to energy drinks. Each serving of this powder will give you 5 grams of creatine monohydrate, 5 grams of creatine citrate, and 2 grams of BCAAs.

best creatine supplement to gain lean muscles

Take note that the MuscleTech powder also brings in carbs and it will spike your insulin levels dramatically. Make sure to ask the opinion of your doctor first if you’re diabetic or if you have the risk for such illness.

Once the creatine from this supplement reaches your muscles, it will increase the uptake to ensure that all creatine is absorbed and retained in the cells. The result would be a leaner physique. As a hard gainer formula, this is best for dudes who are lifting weights or performing strenuous routines at the gym. And like the Crazy Muscle supplement, this creatine powder doesn’t have to be cycled on and off since it doesn’t wear out the creatine transporters in the body.

Just be careful with the serving since the tub indicates one scoop or something that’s equivalent to 48 grams. I suggest that you use a digital scale to be sure to make the most out of this best creatine supplement to gain lean muscles.

4. Bulk Supplements Pure Creatine Monohydrate Powder

If you want a creatine powder that’s been tried and tested by thousands of mass gainers, don’t miss the Bulk Supplements Pure Creatine Monohydrate Powder. It’s a micronized, pure creatine that can both be taken as a pre and post-workout regimen. But in my opinion and as to how creatine behaves in the body, I suggest that you keep it after the workout.

This creatine supplement will help improve your athletic performance by increasing the production of ATP in the body. Such substance is responsible for unleashing bursts of energy for longer endurance and faster recovery. This is best if you’re into weightlifting, boxing, and other related workouts.

Aside from being micronized, one of the selling factors of this Bulk Supplements powder is the fact that it’s soy, gluten, filler, dairy, and sugar-free. This is guaranteed to be vegetarian and non-GMO to minimize any possible allergic reactions.

Always follow the serving recommendation of 2,500 mg per day but you can go beyond if needed. Just make sure that you flush this with lots of water to prevent any liver and kidney issue.

Let me clarify this: just because the ingredient originated from China doesn’t mean you shouldn’t buy it. This stuff works and even better than other U.S.-made supplements. It’s the best creatine supplement to gain lean muscles, in my opinion.

5. Six Star Pro Nutrition Creatine Pills

For a powerful dose of creatine, I suggest that you get the Six Star Pro Nutrition Pills. This creatine supplement has a serving size of three caplets containing about 3,031 mg of creatine blend. Overall, you’ll get 5 grams of pure creatine. It’s also mixed with Alpha Lipoic Acid for maximum strength and energy. As what it’s called, the X3 formula is a heavyweight in terms of consistency through the use of three creatine types.

best creatine supplement to gain lean muscles

You should take this supplement after a workout or during your active recovery days so you’ll build muscles continuously. If you have a very demanding routine, you can take up to two servings per day. In fact, Six Star has tested some subjects who yielded 18.6% more strength in just 10 days of taking the creatine pills. It can also speed up between-set recovery during the workout so you won’t feel sore after leaving the gym.

Of course, you can gain muscles without taking creatine, but studies showed that a regular dose of this supplement can help you tone four times more bulk. Since these are pills, it will be very easy to take and stick to as part of your post-workout regimen. In just a few days, you’ll feel the effect of this best creatine supplement to gain lean muscles.

6. KAGED Muscle Unflavored Creatine HCL Powder

The KAGED Muscle Unflavored Creatine HCL Powder is a no BS choice. It’s made of pure creatine hydrochloride that skips the long creatine loading phase. This means that you’ll experience the effects shortly after ingestion. The KAGED creatine is also very concentrated that it only takes a small amount to reap the benefits for your muscles.

What’s excellent about this product is it’s tested for banned substances and passed with a clean bill. There’s no other ingredient here than the creatine itself and it’s not flavored either so you can mix it with whatever you want to. The KAGED Muscle powder is very soluble and won’t clump too much during stirring or shaking. Just ensure that you seal the tub after every use to avoid exposing it from humidity. However, you might receive a very clumped product. It’s either you grind it yourself or send it back. The best creatine supplement to gain lean muscles, nonetheless.

You can take this creatine supplement in an empty stomach and before a workout session. However, avoid ingesting this if you’re under a certain medication. Drink lots of water too so the powder won’t hit your kidneys badly. If you experience clumping when dissolving the powder, just shake the bottle and you’re good to go.

Overall, this works so well with a good taste to top it all.

7. MET-Rx Creatine 4200

If you want a speedy supplement that will make you feel the effects fast, I guess you’ll find the right blend with the MET-Rx Creatine 4200. The serving size for this is a hefty 6-capsule containing 4,200 mg of HPLC creatine monohydrate. It gives more muscular strength so you’re more enduring when working out and your body will recover fast after.

best creatine supplement to gain lean muscles

The manufacturers said that this is formulated with an excellent nutrient profile, however, there’s only one ingredient here. Anyway, it’s good for shakes and homemade protein bars since it comes in nine different delicious flavors.

You can take this supplement as both a pre and post-workout regimen. However, make sure that you pair it with a calorie-balanced diet and lots of water. Take the pill with a fruit juice for faster release. If you’re opting for the whole six-pill serving, make sure that you have a strenuous workout ahead of you. It’s the best creatine supplement to gain lean muscles via a rigorous routine.

Some users say they feel much thirstier after taking the pills so it’s a good excuse to hydrate yourself even more. If you feel a bit wired when taking the whole serving, you might want to cut it in half. Anyway, the pills are huge so make sure you have lots of fluids to drive it down your throat.

8. NAKED Nutrition Pure Creatine Monohydrate

The NAKED Nutrition is one of the bodybuilding brands I’ve been encountering for years now. Their product line is promising, including their pure creatine powder. It’s pure creatine monohydrate like most of the products on this roundup but “with nothing to hide” as the packaging says. I love the idea that this is fast dissolving and you get a pretty hefty creatine serving at 5 grams per scoop.

This supplement is unsweetened and unflavored and it doesn’t bear any artificial color either. It’s free from dairy, soy, and gluten but it’s also zero in calories which can be a little disadvantageous if you’re still packing up with mass.

Above all, this NAKED Nutrition product is no fuss. It doesn’t sell itself with too much marketing gimmicks. You’ll get a tub with white and blue packaging plus you get to check the powder since the container is transparent.

I can say that this supplement can give ON a run for its money. The effects of this product are quick and it comes in very excellent quality.

Did you find the best creatine supplement to gain lean muscles? Let us know below!

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Top 8 Creatine Supplements To Gain Lean Muscles

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