The Best Way To Gain Weight And Muscles Fast Naturally

Not all of us are blessed with the ability to gain weight fast. Growing lean muscles is another story. Knowing the best way to gain weight and muscles fast is like the Holy Grail for people who are sick of being skinny. It’s no longer an issue about how much you think you eat, it’s more about the actual calories you put inside your body. And this is where the tricky part begins.

Mostly, people will tell you that eating more is the solution to gain weight. This is definitely true, but it lacks one important point: going beyond your calorie requirement. You can eat more than the usual but it’s not a guarantee you’re gaining more pounds. There’s a chance that you’ll just break even with the calorie requirement of your body. What you need is caloric surplus. You have to fuel up to get the engine going.

The reason why you’re not gaining weight

Being skinny for the most part of my life made me realize that gaining weight is a serious business. If you look at my baby picture, you’ll think that I’m a preemie. Jokes at school and family gatherings are unavoidable, which partly makes my mom think she’s not feeding me well. That’s when I decided to devour all the calories I can possibly shove to my body. It started during one high school summer break – pizza, pasta, bread, donuts, soda, fast food, and more. Name it, I ate all of it. It hasn’t stopped until the joke was on me again: I became a little bit too fat.

I became overweight but not the Family Guy kid type of fat. It’s the kind of fat enough to make me shop for new clothes. Still, it solved my long-time problem of being lanky.

best way to gain weight and muscles fast

If based on my experience, calorie deficiency is one possible reason why you’re not gaining weight. The best way to gain weight and muscles fast here is to eat. Other guys believe that they have “worms” or they poop all the food they eat. You can eat anything in the name of gaining weight. But the problem is you eat what you want but not with the right amount. Of course, you think that you’ve eaten enough servings to feed a dozen. But if you did, you shouldn’t be skinny in the first place.

I know that you’ll argue about genetics and metabolism. Genes related to weight are not fully understood but there are insinuations that it can possibly be the culprit for both obesity and failure to gain weight. Scientists from the University of Texas found that the so-called “skinny genes” do exist on animals and humans. So if your parents are relatively skinny just like you, these bad genes could probably be at play.

Turning fats to muscles

Let’s debunk one myth here. A lot of fitness magazines say that you can “turn” fats to muscles. However, muscle cells and fat cells are two different things. Muscles are active cells that burn the calories on your body when you move. Meanwhile, fat cells are stored energy that can stay on your gut for years unless you decide to exert more effort dieting.

So you can’t turn fats into muscles, but you can use it to stimulate muscle growth. You don’t have to be fat first before trying to gain muscles. These two can co-exist but in a balanced and healthy manner. Start by gaining more mass so your body has the stored energy to endure the workout. But don’t wait until you have a whole flab going on. Work out with weights and get a best-in-class protein supplement while you chomp carbs in between.

Remember, the goal here is not just to get fat, but to be bulky. You would want to gain as much muscle as fat. For example, if you consume 4,000 calories per day, you should pair it with high-intensity training. But don’t burn more calories than what you eat or you’ll lose more mass. You might gain fats along the way but it’s completely normal at the start.

So how can you do all these? Let’s get down to business.

Best way to gain weight and muscles fast

1. Pack on protein and carbs

Eat carbs like you mean it. You can eat three cups of rice, two bananas, pork, ice cream, pasta, peanut butter, a cup of oatmeal, and more in just one day. But make sure that your pair it with one scoop of whey powder with least 22 grams of protein. This is guaranteed to give you the energy required for a demanding routine.

A meal plan is very crucial here. Consult a nutritionist if need be to make sure that the number of calories will suffice. You should also think about the macronutrient profile of your meals for overall nourishment.

best way to gain weight and muscles fast

Protein isn’t the only vital component here. You can devour scoopfuls and still fail to gain a pound. You have to throw a feast of calories. This sounds like a lot of fun, but hefty eaters would have a hard time. My advice: get a high-calorie protein supplement like BSN Syntha-6. The 200 calories per serving will help if you grew tired of eating multiple meals. This is formulated as a pre-workout supplement which is an added perk for the best way to gain weight and muscles fast.

2. Eat even when you’re not hungry

A lot of people think that relatively skinny people are so lucky that they can eat anything without getting fat. But the thing is most of them don’t like to eat a lot. My brother is skinny and he won’t eat until he’s dead hungry. Whenever I ask if he likes some snack, he would say no because he’s still full. And you know what, that’s the reason why he can still wear a small size polo shirt.

If you want to gain weight and support muscle growth, you have to eat more. I can’t stress it enough that calories are key to bulking up and protein just comes next. If you can’t gnaw large servings in one sitting, eat multiple portions all throughout the day. Eat a combination of protein, calories, and macronutrients every three hours.

Be creative in your eating habits to ensure that you ingest more calories than what you actually need. But as much as possible, eat clean and healthy. The last thing you’d like to think about is nursing a kidney or liver problem. That’s not the best way to gain weight and muscles fast, as far as I know.

3. Sip liquids

Since this is all about gaining weight and muscles fast, we will exhaust all means to speed up the biochemistry of your body involved in this process. Food in liquid form is easier to digest and the nutrients will be delivered faster to the muscles. Since the food is already fluid, the digestive system no longer has to spend time pre-digesting your meals.

The best part about taking liquid meals is you won’t feel full for long. This is the same reason why many bodybuilders obsess on protein shakes and mass gainer drinks. Taking some of your meal portions in liquid would allow you to consume more calories without getting tired of it easily.

Aside from tricking your appetite, you need to hydrate more. Drink a gallon of water a day to ensure that your muscles get the supply of fluid it needs. Our muscles are made up of 70% water so it’s a no-brainer why you should love this refreshment more than ever.

I know that energy drinks are common among bodybuilders but take it sparingly. If you need a pre-workout “kick” prepare a casein shake. It won’t just pump you up physically; it will also boost your muscle growth. The best way to gain weight and muscles fast.

best way to gain weight and muscles fast

4. Lift more

A lot of bodybuilders suggest that if you want to build more bulk, you have to go big with lifting. This is true, but it’s not always on the weight. A study from McMaster University revealed that lifting lighter weights with moderate reps can be as efficient as going big for dozens of repetitions. Dr. Stuart Phillips, one of the experts behind the study, says that fatigue makes the difference between the two. He adds that when you’re at the point of exhaustion, it no longer matters if the weights are heavy or light.

This is good news if you’re hesitant to lift heavy. However, more weight means more strength and leanness. Take the study with a grain of salt since it’s not stated what type of workout the respondents were practicing prior to joining the experiment.

Make sure that you perform compound lifts to stretch more muscle groups. Do bench presses, deadlifts, and more. Also, don’t underestimate the value of cardio drills. It will be your go-to routine during your active recovery days.

5. Up the intensity

One of the common problems bodybuilders encounter is progress plateau. This happens more if you keep doing the same thing on your workout. It’s important that you prioritize intensity before duration to avoid the same dilemma. If you use to workout at the gym for two hours, switch to 45-60 minutes of high-intensity drills. Muscle building isn’t just about the time you’re willing to spend; it’s also about the effort you exert to it. If you balance the two, it would be the best way to gain weight and muscles fast.

Muscles can get used to the same kind of stress it experiences over time. This means that certain muscle groups are no longer challenged and stressed when you exercise. You’ll stop gaining bulk due to the failure to target other muscle areas. It’s important that you know well how your body will react in different levels of exercise.

Intensity is everything. You have to increase it as you progress on your fitness journey. Still, a lot of people at the gym won’t understand it. But if you proceed with caution and proper transition, I can’t see anything wrong about it.

6. Stop overkill

We’ve all been there, lifting teeth gritting weights for the nth rep. There’s nothing wrong about upping your workout, but always know the fine line when it comes to overkill. Spending endless hours at the gym isn’t the solution to gaining muscles fast, a strategy is.

Overtraining is no longer a new issue. Athletes and bodybuilders witnessed the bitter result of their impatience. And like anything under the sun, too much isn’t good for you. The best way to gain weight and muscles fast doesn’t take place overnight.

best way to gain weight and muscles fast

Muscles grow at rest. If you work out multiple times a day, you’re robbing your body enough time to undergo muscle synthesis. What happens is you tax the present muscles up to the breaking point. Waiting at the finish line are injuries and extreme soreness.

An article from the British Journal Heart stated that “chronic extreme exercise” can cause too much wear-and-tear which will deplete the supposed benefits of physical activity. Also, too much oxidative stress exposes you to more health issues.

If you’re in an advanced workout level, the duration of your exercise should be no more than 30 minutes a day for a maximum of 4-5 days a week.

7. Track your progress

You can follow everything I said here, but if you don’t keep an eye on your progress, you’ll barely gain muscles within six months. Use various mobile apps if needed just to note down your routine, weight, diet plan, and workout plan.

Seeing daily results makes it more possible for you to surpass your goal. Logging your progress will also help figure out what went wrong if you suddenly stopped carving more muscles. Maintaining a fitness diary will help you diagnose what changes have to be done on your routines.

When you measure things, you get to know if it lacks something. The best way to gain weight and muscles fast is anchored on tracking your progress. If you don’t know how to do it, you can avail the private coaching service of Nerd Fitness and other platforms of your choice.

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The Best Way To Gain Weight And Muscles Fast Naturally

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