Is It Safe To Use Steroids To Gain Muscles Fast? Here’s What You Should Know

Let’s admit it, the moment you decided to gain some mass, you can’t get steroids out of your head. What we’re talking about here is the anabolic steroid, the synthetic substance known to mimic the effects of testosterone (which is the body’s natural steroid) to enhance muscle growth. There are varying opinions about the use of anabolic steroids, with some bodybuilders opposing each other in extremes. So we can help but wonder, is it safe to use steroids to gain muscles fast?

I’m not an expert in anabolic steroid use, but it doesn’t need rocket science to know that it has an issue about addiction. The same reason why it’s one of the number one banned performance-enhancing drugs in any sporting event. Nevertheless, some bodybuilders say that they can quit steroids anytime. While others think that using it for long wouldn’t wreak havoc on their systems.

Steroids work differently than testosterone, but it has the same effect: improved muscles mass, leanness, and endurance. However, at a much faster pace. Muscle gainers see it as the easy solution to their slow progress.

What science says

There’s no better way to start this discussion than to lay all the factual cards straight. The use of anabolic steroids is a “household” discussion for many bodybuilders, and no matter how many are against it, science can’t deny its effects.

So is it safe to use steroids to gain muscles fast? A study in Maastricht University in The Netherlands concluded that taking steroids while weightlifting will speed up the process of muscle gain in a whopping difference compared to lifting alone. Participants of the study were able to gain up to 11 pounds of muscles within the 10-week timeframe. The most outstanding result is 16 pounds of muscle gain in just six weeks of weightlifting and taking anabolic steroids.

is it safe to use steroids to gain muscles fast

This is proof that steroids don’t just increase the endurance of the body. It also boosts protein synthesis in a mind-blowing speed. If you’re not convinced, an accurate depiction in juxtaposition with natural muscle building is this: 25 pounds of mass gained in a year of weightlifting alone can be achieved within four months when taking anabolic steroids. Tempted to jump into this supplement? Hold on a bit until the end of this post.

Various studies have proven that steroids are powerful in boosting muscle mass regardless of body type. Aside from bulking up muscle mass and evidently boosting strength, steroids also lower fat storage for a leaner body. You don’t actually need to use steroids to achieve this effect. Natural ways have the same promise, but there’s no denying of the speed the synthetic option can offer.

What your “muscle hero” claims

Have you seen those bulky guys competing in Mr. Olympia? Is it safe to use steroids to gain muscles fast? The first thing to come in mind is their possible use of steroids. Besides, it’s just crazy how one can have those vein-ripping guns without even resorting to some sort of steroid wizardry. But there’s a surprising revelation here, or claims, to give other people the benefit of the doubt.

Phil Heath, the reigning Mr. Olympia and is tied with Arnold Schwarzenegger for the same title wins, claims to achieve his bulk naturally. He weighs about 250 pounds with only a maximum of 5% body fat. It’s quite difficult to believe, but the guy is solid on his claims that never did he use steroids for his guns. Besides, doping tests are being done on competitive bodybuilding so there could be truth to Heath’s claims

The same goes for the model and Jaco De Bruyn. With a nicely sculpted 194-pound body with 5% fat, he also claims to be clean from steroids. He also competes in bodybuilding events.

But to be fair, there are also some muscular dudes who used steroids and didn’t regret it. Back in the heydays of his career as a bodybuilder, Arnold Schwarzenegger admitted that he used steroids. But this is during the time when steroids had just come out in the market and there’s no notion of illegality towards its use. Arnold had it administered by a doctor. Although he doesn’t regret it, Arnold doesn’t encourage bodybuilders and amateur mass gainers to take drugs like anabolic steroids. So is it safe to use steroids to gain muscles fast? Let’s just leave it with Arnold Schwarzenegger’s advice.

The difference between the natural

Again, I’m not an expert with steroids, but for the sake of discussion and a healthy reference, we’re going to compare steroids to the natural way of gaining mass. Yes, it’s given that steroids can speed up the process, but there’s a staggering level of difference between these two ways.

is it safe to use steroids to gain muscles fast

A study conducted among four groups of a total of 43 men yielded results leaning in the efficiency of steroid use. Those who didn’t exercise but took regular steroid injections were able to gain seven pounds of muscles during the 10-week experiment. Meanwhile, those who exercise and didn’t take the drug was able to gain 4 pounds. As you see, steroids are pretty promising, what more if the participants taking steroids perform exercise routines. The muscle gains could probably be exponential.

This is a bit degrading for natural bodybuilders who prefer to stick on strict diets and shitloads of supplements. But only until we factor in the long-term effect later on.

Steroids have side effects that if not controlled can result in a series of crazy events. It’s not a magic pill after all, which is the main reason why bodybuilders opt out of this man-made drug. Compared to natural ways, using steroids doesn’t really boost your dedication to a healthier lifestyle. Your only focus is to gain the mass no matter what the price will be. And here lies the major problem.

The obvious benefits

Of course, the obvious benefit here is more mass in just a short time. The study we mentioned earlier found that even if the participants aren’t working out, they will still build muscles from steroids alone. It’s the easy way out for lazy humans who want to look like a Mr. Olympia wannabe. In fact, steroid users are as muscular as the dedicated natural bodybuilders. But the difference is they gain their guns in a fraction of time the latter spend ripping their bodies at the gym. But is it safe to use steroids to gain muscles fast? That’s the heavy question.

When compared to testosterone, anabolic steroids are way powerful. It produces much leaner and stronger muscles, thus a visibly muscular physique with less effort.  Even if a packed diet of nutrients, protein, and minerals are to be taken, it can’t pit with steroid-powered results in the same timeframe. In fact, those receiving steroid injections are likely to gain three times more muscles than natural muscle gainers.

Also, drugs like anabolic steroids can make up for your poor diet. If you’re the type who has a hate-hate relationship with calorie intake, steroids can probably be the answer. But don’t get me wrong. You still have to eat and provide nourishment for your body even with the use of steroids.

The addition of steroids is a game-changer. It’s a time-saver and “easy fix” for skinny individuals who have tried almost every supplement without any visible results. At least, without thinking about the side effects you have to deal with afterward.

The price you have to pay

So after seeing the glitz of steroids, it’s now time to face the ugly truths about this synthetic aid. So is it safe to use steroids to gain muscles fast? As much as it’s a “magic pill” for a bulkier physique, it’s clouded with appalling side effects. This is the main reason why there are natural bodybuilding organizations encouraging other people to ditch the drug.

is it safe to use steroids to gain muscles fast

There are irreversible side effects in the use of steroids. When used for a long period, it can lead to heart dysfunction, male-patterned baldness, and liver disease. You’ll also develop gynecomastia or the condition where males grow bigger breasts. Among these are reversible conditions including testicular atrophy, bad cholesterol levels, low sperm count, and aggression.

A 2009 study conducted by various institutions including the Harvard Medical School and McLean Hospital found out that steroid use can lead to dependence. This means that bodybuilders have to take steroids regularly to be in their “normal” self. If not controlled, this can evolve into addiction. Based on the study, about 30% of steroid users are exposed to the risk of dependence syndrome.

Fast mass gain, but a hefty price to pay. To be honest, this isn’t the best bargain the bodybuilding world has to offer.

But to be fair, there’s safe steroid use. Still, the risk for these health conditions isn’t flat zero. The fact that you’re still taking the drug means you’re also carrying the potential of abuse. Always remember that anything that speeds up the course of a natural method in ways your mind can’t fathom, you might be up to no good. So is it safe to use steroids to gain muscles fast? Read on.

The alarming trend

You know what’s alarming about this whole steroid trend? It’s being used for plain vanity by lazy dudes. Steroids are unregulated substances and anyone can take hold of it as long he has a shady dealer to transact with. About 2 million high school and middle school kids use steroids to look more attractive. This is an alarming statistics and even Brian Cuban had warned about steroids “destroying your youth”.

Here’s one solid example:

In July 2003, Taylor Hooton, a 17-year old high school athlete took his own life after taking anabolic steroids. As a baseball varsity player, it was recommended to him as a way to get big faster. He started taking a cocktail of steroids that was surprisingly undetected when his parents subject him to a drug test. Taylor exhibited a highly aggressive and violent behavior. Eventually, he stopped using steroids after attending psychiatric sessions. But in a turn of events, the depression, which was an evident withdrawal symptom from steroids, got the best of him.

Taylor hanged himself. And from his death, his parents established the Taylor Hooton Foundation to shed light on the same issue. So is it safe to use steroids to gain muscles fast? You be the judge.

What’s more is that about 15-30% of gym goers have access to anabolic steroids from their local health clubs and the gym itself. And it’s not just the young ones who are falling prey to the steroid trend. There’s a rising number of adults who are lured to steroid use due to the deceptive “anti-aging” ploy. Areas where good looks are bread and butter, anabolic steroid use is even more rampant. Take Hollywood, for example.

is it safe to use steroids to gain muscles fast

Natural alternatives to anabolic steroids

It’s true that you can bulk up easily with steroids. But sticking to natural ways will give you minimal side effects to think about despite the fact that you have to work your ass off. But let me clarify this: The goal of this post is not to demonize steroids. What this intends is to lay all the facts to help you decide if it’s for you. After all, it’s your body and you have the right to decide what you feed it with.

Are you still asking this: is it safe to use steroids to gain muscles fast?

If so, you may want to go the natural way and exploit natural alternatives. Testosterone supplements, for one, are the closest natural alternative to steroids. The Testo Max is one of the best options you can find commercially. It’s made from all-natural ingredients that will safely boost your muscle growth. As per manufacturer claims, results are evident in just two weeks.

Take note that there is legal steroid in the market. But always take caution if you still prefer the anabolic choice. I highly encourage you to seek the help of a medical professional before using any steroid product to minimize the side effects.

Always remember that nothing beats a healthy diet paired with the right supplements. It might be a slower road to take, but you can sleep sound at night knowing that you’re out of harm’s way. It’s important to stress that there’s no magic pill in muscle gain. You have to be patient and meticulous with the regimen you’re going to pick. With that, steroids might not always be the answer.

So is it safe to use steroids to gain muscles fast? Let your own judgment reign.

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Is It Safe To Use Steroids To Gain Muscles Fast? Here’s What You Should Know

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