Mass Gainer Facts You Should Know About

In the age of information and advanced health, you should be able to know more about keeping yourself healthy rather than not. A quick Google will present you work out and diet suggestions if you want to. Another “Ok Google” will assist you in having a verbal conversation with a machine to help you with healthy recipes! You should have no excuse in not knowing when it comes to researching for your diet and the supplements you need to maintain to be at your 100%. If you want to bulk up more or put on mass, let us help you with some of the mass gainer facts we have compiled for you. You will be at your best self if you know the real deal behind the supplements you put in your body.

Mass Gainer Facts To Ponder On

Mass Gainer Origin

The 1910s marks the beginning of enhancing one’s diets in order to adapt to one’s personal goals. Consequently, the trend of having beef broth or consommé was popularized. This was introduced by Earle Liederman to make muscle recovery faster after a workout. In the 1950s, bodybuilding has grown has become more popular in the United States. However, supplement use was only among athletes and bodybuilders themselves.

mass gainer facts

By the 70s to the 80s, the public was the target market of bodybuilding and body sculpting supplements. This sprouted a large demand from the public. By 1994, the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994 was established. This act allows the manufacturers of the supplements to verify whether their products are safe or not. Even if it falls on their shoulders, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) no longer monitors the supplements that are distributed towards the consumers.

This often leads to just strategic marketing rather than having really reliable products. If you have found trustworthy, tried and tested mass gainers on your side stick to it! Or do you think we should just stick to the beef broth? These mass gainer facts allow us to shed a light on what happens behind the product distribution.

Mass Gainers Are Different From Protein Powders

Keep in mind that mass gainers are highly different from protein powders. These are very different supplements that have results that differ from one another. Also, you only get to choose one depending on what your target goal is.

The main difference between the two would be the calories per serving. Mass gainers have 650 to 1250 calories per serving depending on the brand and type or weight gainers. On the other hand, protein powders can range from 115 calories to 175 calories per scoop. This depends on the kind of protein powder particularly whey, soy, brown rice or pea powder. Mass gainers really aim to bulk you up while protein powders aim to make you leaner.

mass gainer facts

Also, mass gainers are mostly carbohydrates and protein. It also has fats and other vitamins and minerals. On the other hand, protein powders are mostly protein concentrates. They target and enhance your muscle repair and growth.

Mass Gainer with Highest Calories Per Serving

There are tons of mass gainers in the market that promise instant weight gain. You have to have the highest caloric intake to attract customers on your side. Consumers are smarter now than ever. However, big figures still attract others. The idea that “the bigger the better” confines most people to what is best. Thos Vitol Russian Bear 5000 is a mass gainer favorite since the 90s – it is one of our favorite mass gainer facts.

Upon thorough research in today’s products, Vitol Russian Bear 5000 has declared to have 2,600 calories per serving. Most experts do not advise it. On the other hand, a lot of people are fans and still purchase the Vitol Russian Bear 5000.  Also, they have 5000 in their branding to attract customers. However, you can only achieve 5,000 calories by adding a gallon of milk to it.

mass gainer facts

One of its ingredients, the Sika deer velvet antler powder, is said to be one of the game changer ingredients for this mass gainer. It is known in Chinese medicine to strengthen the body, the bones and muscles and allow better blood flow.

Vitol Russian Bear 5000 sounds out of this world but there’s no hurt in trying! Try it at your own risk.

Mass Gainers Can Be Used In Cooking

Do having shakes or smoothie diets tire you out? Do you want to have something solid instead? Imagine not just using your mass gainers all the time to make a chocolate or vanilla shake! Well, of the really good mass gainer facts we know is that you don’t really break down the protein in your powders when you bake them. It takes a very high amount of heat before you are able to break down protein and its amino acids. Only if you bake you mass gainer muffin or cake at 250°F for 83 minutes then there is a possibility the protein can be damaged, according to a study.

Do you only have basic cooking skills and cannot bake for your life? You are not alone. Check out this weight gainer protein pancake recipe that you can cook easily.

What you need:

Two scoops of your own mass gainer

4 egg whites

1 cup whole milk

2 bananas

1 ½ tbsp of cinnamon

All you have to do is mix it all it together except for the milk. Mash the bananas with all the other ingredients before you begin pouring in the milk. Mix until you have a good consistent mixture free from banana chunks. Blending it would be better for a smoother consistency.  You can even add dark chocolate bits if you like!

Cook the batter in a portion on a non-stick pan.. Repeat the process on the other side. Do the same with the next ones!

Want some variety in your shakes? Try these mass gainer shake recipes and what to get in the supermarket!

Aside from shakes and pancakes, you can also add your mass gainers to smoothie bowls, coffee or oatmeals! All the essential nutrients cannot be destroyed by freezing too. Mass gainer popsicles or mass gainer ice cream perhaps?

Other Mass Gainers Tend To Have More Sugar Than Usual

Cheap mass gainers often attract those who are only beginning to bulk up. However, the main problem with most of the cheaper mass gainers in the market would be the sugar present in the formulation of the powder. We are not saying that all the cheap ones have just sugar in them. On the other hand, other foul tasting powders tend to add more sugar in their mix to make up for the undesirable taste of the powder. Taste should not be your primary criteria when choosing which mass gainer to buy.

mass gainer facts

Oftentimes, the sugar amount in some of these shakes should not be more than 6 grams for every 100 grams. Of course, you do not want to gain sugar weight. Also, it is better to store up in carbohydrates or protein since they will turn into muscles mass afterward. Check out this list to find mass gainer brands that have sugar as low as 4 grams per serving.

Be wise in choosing the contents of your mass gainer! The cheaper ones are not always better. One of the worst things you can do to your body is to pump it up with lots of sugar.

Mass Gainers Do Not Replace Meals

Another one of the primary mass gainer facts you should keep in mind is that you need to eat your meals. No excuses. Skipping meals is the common misconception when it comes to powdered drinks. Since they are so easy to prepare, beginner bulkers think that weight gainer shakes can already replace one whole meal. Also, this is a huge mis, ake especially when working out intensely.

The common reason for taking mass gainers is to increase energy and add more muscles mass and power. Moreover, mass gainers are supplements. They supplement the already existing diet that you have. If your body straight up consumes the energy provided by mass gainers, you tend to lose more gains if you do not eat. Feed yourself and have more stored calories rather than starve your muscles and body of nutrients.

Women Take Mass Gainers

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The world of bodybuilding and sculpting muscles are most of the time, testosterone filled. At the same time, most women are always trying to lose weight. However, showing off gains is no longer a man’s business. Women bodybuilding is more common than what others think. One of the most popular and beautifully sculpted bodies of this generation is Gladys Portugues. She placed two times at the Ms. Olympia competition. Ms. Olympia is one of the most prestigious international bodybuilding competitions hosted by the International Federation of Bodybuilders. Also, she is married to a very popular, well-sculpted man, Jean-Claude Van Damme.

Another mass gainer fact is that it’s not just for bodybuilding or muscle sculpting. It is also used by women who are battling severe weight loss and rapid weight loss. The high carbohydrate and protein content aids in immediate weight gain for most women.

These are just some of the mass gainer facts you should know about! There is another world beyond the usual mass gainer facts that are fed to us by marketers and even those who are against mass gainers. Are there any other interesting facts you know about? Let us know below!



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Mass Gainer Facts You Should Know About

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