Mass Gainer Supplement Buying Guide: What To Look For

Different idealistic body types have been pushed through by the media throughout the years. If you’re a woman in the early centuries, you are more favorable if you are plumper. Now, skinny is the way to go. Before, men are more positive in the eyes of society if they are more masculine or can defend their land. Nowadays, the same idea still applies. If you have more bulk and more mass, you can own up to your masculinity more than others. If so, have you considered gaining more mass? Are looking for a mass gainer supplement buying guide? Then look no further. We are here to help you in your fitness journey.

In addition, remember that going through and maintaining your fitness journey is a continuous process. All these developments in fitness and supplement research shapes the strategies you can adapt depending on your goal.

What is your main reason for wanting to purchase mass gainer supplements?

Before exploring your mass gainer supplement buying guide, you have to identify your main reasons why you want to gain weight. Knowing your reasons in gaining weight will help you create a step by step routine to achieve your goals. Keep in mind that sudden weight gain might have very adverse side effects. Do not just stuff yourself with tons of calories every day to hit your scale goal.

Too Skinny

mass gainer supplement buying guide

When you were in your early and late teens, the common reason for being skinny is an active metabolism. This can go on until someone’s early twenties to late twenties. However, being too skinny or having a low BMI might have negative effects in your everyday life. The risks could lead to anemia or even vitamin deficiency. Your body needs to store particular nutrients as it gets older. Your body’s immune functions could also be affected.

When you’re too skinny you have a different goal. You do not have the same purpose as body builders in incorporating mass gainers in their diet. You have to adjust and set nutrition standards according to your body’s needs.

Pursuing An Active Lifestyle

If you want to pursue an active lifestyle but cannot because of your weight, this should be one step to help you out. There are different mass gainers in the market that target different goals. If you have done protein powders and cannot achieve your weight goals, mass gainers should help you out. Furthermore, you should adjust your mass gainer intake depending on your target activities.

mass gainer supplement buying guide

Also, keep in mind that you want to pursue an active lifestyle. Your mass gainer supplement buying guide should be supplementary to your already existing diet. An active lifestyle means you want your organs coordinated and working well together. Have a steady, healthy diet as a base of your nutrition source.

Building Muscle and Strength

Building muscle and strength is often the common reason why people take mass gainers. Now, you should train harder if this is your goal why you want to have more mass. Nonetheless, it takes a certain level of discipline to achieve the muscle and strength you want to have. Also, you have to be careful with your diet and the supplements you take. Read through this mass gainer supplement buying guide for further information.

You diet and mass gainer supplements should be able to complement your workout routine. If you are incorporating more cardio, you should fuel up with carbohydrates and then have protein and electrolytes afterwards. If you are in your strength training for the week, extra protein is best after your workout.

We all have different reasons in changing our diet for the better. However, different people have different levels if intensity when it comes to working out or being active. Adapt your diet to your goals accordingly.

Consult a Doctor First

On the other hand, consulting a doctor before switching to a different diet is another good option. There will be a surplus of certain nutrients and vitamins that your body will process to gain weight. It is important you know what goes in and out of your body when taking in mass gainer supplements.

What are the kinds of vitamins and minerals found in a mass gainer?

Different mass gainers have different nutritional values. Also, mass gainers differ in ratio when it comes to its content. However, there are still common vitamins and minerals found in mass gainers. These will have a huge impact in your diet. Ultimately, it is best if you understand their purpose and how they work in your body. Let this mass gainer supplement buying guide show you how major nutrients play a role in building your body’s mass.


To help you build more muscle, mass gainers are packed with a lot of protein. Also, the protein content of these mass gainers is more than what you could get from consuming tons of high-protein foods in a day. Protein in your mass gainer can be from a specific kind of protein or mixed with different types.

how to use mass gainers

Whey protein is very common with mass gainer supplements. On the other hand, protein can also come in forms of casein, soy, rice, or egg protein. Other brands carry blended proteins to meet the market’s high demand for mass gainers with packed proteins. For this reason, you have to verify the kind of protein in your supplement. If you are lactose intolerant, whey and casein protein may not be good for your digestive system. You may opt for plant-based ones such as soy or rice protein.

The average amount of protein in protein powders are around 29 grams per serving. On the other hand, for mass gainers, you can have up to 30 grams of protein partnered with 60 grams of carbohydrates. Some brands can even go as high as 50 grams of protein per serving. For this reason, the body is able to absorb protein and other nutrients, for faster weight gain.


Carbohydrates comprise the bigger ratio in mass gainer supplements. For other supplements, there can be as much as 250 grams of carbohydrates per serving. As a result, you will have this much energy to fuel your body during intense cardio or weight training workouts.

mass gainer supplement buying guide

Carbohydrates function as fuel but also allow you to have way better gains. Also, carbs aid in a more speedy recovery after an intense workout. Consequently, protein may help you build more muscle mass but it will not work well without carbs on its side. If you want to have better gains, you need carbs on your team. If you avoid carbs but work out like there’s no tomorrow, your body will move on and use protein as fuel. This will cause you to lose gains in the process.

Lastly, if your mass gainer has enough carbohydrates and you recover quickly, you can maintain your consistent workout routine. The common fail in work outs is inconsistency which makes it harder for others to see visible gains.


Most mass gainer supplement buying guide will miss out on mentioning creatine. However, aside from proteins and carbohydrates, it is one of the most crucial components of your mass gainer. It provides additional phosphocreatine stores in your muscles. In turn, the phosphocreatine helps in creating new ATP. Although this may be true, our body in normal situations can only use up ATP faster than producing it. Through creatine, our body is able to produce more ATP for more energy during intense workouts.

Above all, creatine also encourages the muscles to create more muscle mass. It helps cells towards having more muscle growth and gives proteins the capacity to create more muscle fibers. When getting your mass gainer supplement, always look if it has creatine included in it.


Riboflavin is also known as vitamin B2.  One of the primary tasks of riboflavin is creating more energy. Of course, this will greatly help you in intense workout as it will help your body break down your nutrition intake. Riboflavin will help your body process protein, carbohydrates and fats and turn them into energy. As a matter of fact, it is responsible for converting carbohydrates to ATP which is the main energy source of your muscles. Always look for riboflavin in your mass gainer supplement.


Thiamin is also known as vitamin B2. It is present in natural foods but you need to have enough and consistent thiamin intake to maximize its purpose. Moreover, the main role of thiamin is it metabolizes energy in the cells. It is responsible for the consistent growth, development and function of the cells in your body. This includes your muscle cells. Having plenty of thiamin in your mass gainer offers you more chances to metabolize the energy in your cells faster.

In line with this, other mass gainers even have as much as 4.8 mg of thiamin per serving. This is already 320% of the daily nutritional value needed by a normal person.

We are hoping that this mass gainer supplement buying guide was able to help you in knowing what to look for in a supplement. Keep in mind that this mass gainer supplement buying guide is only a guide but ultimately, you will be the one to make a decision. We are hoping that you find the right one for you in your fitness journey!

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