Mass Gainers: Weighing-In On The Positives & Negatives

Are you ready to build some mass? It can be tricky pulling this off. You could always eat more than usual. But this requires extra time, effort, and money. On top of that, you’d feel like you were full all of the time. However, there’s an alternative to just eating more food.

We’ll be discussing mass gainers today. Many people are turning towards mass gainers to reach their goals of building muscle. In order to build muscle, you have to consume more calories than you burn. Mass gainers help you do that without putting more food on your plate.

There are negatives and positives to mass gainers. Will this be your chosen option towards building mass? That decision rests on your shoulders. But we’re here to help.

Mass Gainers: The Ingredients

Before jumping into the pros and cons, let’s take a closer look at mass gainers. When you get a bag of this stuff, expect it to be filled with a powdery substance. Mass gainers are loaded with protein and carbs. But they are low in fat. Typically, one scoop (or serving) is anywhere from 500-1,500 calories. Your intake will depend on the goals you want to accomplish.

Let’s backtrack for a minute. Mass gainers are high in carbs, but low in fat. The reason for this is simple: by rule of thumb, people who are trying to gain muscle mass try to take in more carbs. Those carbs will be your power-source while you’re laboring through your workouts. Carbs also help with glycogen storage in your muscles. And this makes you less likely to gain fat.

So, about the protein in mass gainers… where does it come from? Usually, the protein in mass gainers comes from whey. However, some mass gainers have blends of egg whites, casein, and other forms used for allocating that vital protein to the users. And where are the carbs sourced from? Well… the carbs come from maltodextrin found in foods such as corn and rice.

There are other various ingredients in mass gainers as well. This is going to differ, depending on the powdery option you choose. You’ll usually find different kinds of vitamins and minerals. You may find ingredients such as creatine and fiber as well. The big thing to keep in mind is this: mass gainers are known for their massive amounts of calories, not for their micronutrients.

Mass Gainers: The Positives

After the coin-flip, we decided that we’d give you the good news first. Let’s take a look at some of the positives that mass gainers have to offer.

  • Mass gainers are loaded with calories. This is the primary focus of the powder. It’s absolutely jam-packed with all the calories you will need in order to put on some extra mass. As mentioned before, you can easily get 500+ calories out of a single serving. When it comes to building muscles, you need progressive overload, plenty of protein, and lots of calories. Mass gainers aren’t going to lift any weights for you. But they WILL give you the protein and calories.
  • The big slew of strange ingredients in mass gainers isn’t detrimental to your health. You may think that a powdery substance filled with calories could harm you. According to Dr. Trevor Kashey, a registered dietitian, your health won’t take a beating as long as you are keeping track of the calories you are consuming. So if you’re worried about your health, try to stay cool about it. This stuff is harmless as long as you use it properly.


Mass Gainers: The Negatives

Here’s the weather forecast: it’s not all sunshine and rainbows in the world of mass gainers. We’re here to give you a couple cons about this calorie-packed substance.

  • It’s easy to go overboard. We know your main focus is to gain muscle. But if you take in too many calories, then you’ll be well on your way to being more fat than anything else. Mass gainers are filled with calories, but they aren’t like full-course meals. You aren’t going to get that “full” feeling that you get from food. This could lead you to take in more calories than you really need, which can lead to a chubbier version of yourself. It’s not what you want, right?
  • It’s easy to confuse fat with muscle. As you take on your new diet of extra calories, you’ll definitely notice that you’re gaining weight. You may confuse this with muscle. But here’s the actual truth: you probably won’t gain more than a couple pounds per month in muscle. So, how about all that other weight? Well… it’s fat. Try not to become a victim to this deception. However, if you’re just trying to gain weight in general, then we guess it’s fine.


Mass Gainers Will Give You Mass

In general, mass gainers do exactly what you would expect. They pack on the mass by loading you with a bunch of calories. You can expect anywhere from 500-1,500+ calories in a single serving of this powdery substance. If you’re looking to gain some weight, then there’s a great chance you’ll get it by using mass gainers.

Mass gainers are high in protein and carbs. They’re also low in fat. This can work really well for building muscle if you have an intensive workout routine to match. Mass gainers have a slew of other ingredients as well, but these ingredients aren’t particularly vital nutrients.

The sure-fire positive about this stuff is the fact that it’s loaded with calories. And this is perfect for building mass. But here’s the thing: just because you’re gaining mass, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re gaining muscle mass. It’s easy to confuse muscle with fat. If you’re gaining more than 2 pounds per month, then it’s probably more than just muscle that you’re building.


So, what did you think of our review? Do you have a basic understanding of mass gainers now? We hope this review has helped in your future decision to give this powder a shot.

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Mass Gainers: Weighing-In On The Positives & Negatives

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