How To Use Mass Gainers? Gain Mass The Right Way

People who are new to mass gainers often depend their diets highly or weight gain with these supplements. These mass gainers, however, are made to just help you gain weight quickly. They may help you increase mass as fast as possible but often do not meet your nutrition standards. Mass gainers help you meet your ideal calorie intake but not necessarily have the adequate nutritional value. We have gathered ways you can apply everyday on how to use mass gainers to gain weight properly.

Before that, let us help you identify mass gainers from protein powders first.

Difference Between Mass Gainers and Protein Powders

Mass gainers are essentially powder supplements with proteins, carbohydrates, fats and other minerals. Basically, they help you put on more weight easily. Mass gainers are literally filled with huge amounts of calories and macro nutrients. Protein powders, on the other hand, are extracted from specific protein sources to help you in building and rebuilding muscle easily.

Mass gainers often have protein powders in them while protein powders are essentially concentrated protein created solely for additional protein in the diet. Mass gainers are meant for those who really want to become huge. They are usually packed with 1,250 – 1,500 calories. Protein powders are meant for those who only want to gain muscle and usually only have 100 – 150 calories per serving.

If you have tried protein supplements before but wants to bulk up more now, mass gainers would be the next best step. This means incorporating mass gainers into your diet is different from how you do protein powders.

Tips on How To Use Mass Gainers To Gain Weight

You can’t just go on and purchase mass gainers and use them as protein powders. Here are some tips on how to use mass gainers so you can gain your ideal weight properly.

Mix It With Milk

If you take your mass gainer with water only, you get the average calorie intake per serving only. But if you mix it with milk you will get an additional average of 120 calories and 8 grams of protein. Make sure your blender blends all the powder chunks well. For someone who is racking up 3,000 to 4,000 calories a day, losing a hundred or two can make or break your weight goals.

how to use mass gainers

Consume it 30 minutes into your exercise routine. Your muscles are already at its peak of working out at this point. Consuming your mass gainer at this time optimizes its nutritional function.

Maintain a Healthy Diet

Yes, we already know that you want to gain weight quickly hence the mass gainers. However, you can’t live on milk shakes alone. You need to ramp up your diet to meet your caloric intake. On the other hand, don’t just stuff carb-filled or sugar-filled food in your diet just to meet it. Nutrition is the key.

It would be way easier to transition in this diet if you know your way around the kitchen. If not, you will definitely find ways. Do you know what to include in your diet so you’ll gain mass the healthy way?


I have mentioned earlier that taking your mass gainer with milk is the best way to go. This is just one way. Adding milk to your diet to gain mass is literally applying going big or going home.

how to use mass gainers

On serving of whole milk has an average of 148 calories in it. Therefore, if you take at least three glasses of whole milk in a day, you can get up to 450 additional calories. Aside from nutrients that milk has, you will also be adding 8 grams of fat, 12 grams of carbohydrates, and an additional 8 grams of protein in your daily record.

Whole Grains

It is common for people to stuff up on whole grains to garner enough carbohydrates and add fiber in their diet. Carbohydrates in whole grains will help you in bulking up and sustaining your energy. Fiber, on the other hand, will contribute to your digestive and gastrointestinal health. Fiber will directly cleanse your digestive tract allowing the passage the amino acids and nutrient quickly. It helps all the nutrients you are ingesting get to your system as quickly as possible.

how to use mass gainers

You can have a varied whole-grain intake through whole wheat, whole oats, brown rice or whole rye. You can also add corn and quinoa in your grocery list as well.


Another way to utilize on how to use mass gainers well is to add more beef in your diet.

how to use mass gainers

Beef has high amounts of protein in it helping you bulk up on muscles.  100 grams of a lean cut of beef should have an average of 26 grams of protein. This should have more in leaner in cuts. Aside from the desirable protein beef has, it is also packed with nutrients and vitamins such as B12, zinc, phosphorus and iron that are all beneficial in gaining more muscle mass.


Let us not forget how chicken the easiest and more affordable go to food is when you want to gain more muscle and mass. Chicken also provides a good amount of protein. With 100 grams of chicken, you can have 20 grams of protein. You are aiming to bulk up, you have to take the rule of thumb: one gram for every pound. It is simply a gram of protein for every pound of your body weight.

how to use mass gainers

Eating chicken is not enough for this amount of protein. It is advisable to diversify it from yogurt to eggs and some fish as well.

Watch Over Your Fat Build Up

Always observe your fat build-up. Never let the idea of gaining mass get to your head. The common mistake of those who want to gain weight happens when they eat too much but work out too little. Fat then accumulates. At the end of you day, you don’t bulk up – you just gain fat.

how to use mass gainers

Stick to the right kind of workout and see the change gradually. Do not sit back and relax. Stick to your workout.

These are just some of the easiest techniques on how to use mass gainers to gain weight properly. Do you have any tricks or tips that you do to maximize your calorie intake healthily? Let us know in the comments section below.

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How To Use Mass Gainers? Gain Mass The Right Way

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